return of all hazards

Will the students be able to find the lecture halls?

At the university, 2021 begins with the good news of the end of 100% distance learning. But the huge return of students is not for today, nor for tomorrow. If the time is right for relaxation of health restrictions and resumption of face-to-face student reception, starting Monday, return to the lecture hall is based on the methods of the first deconfiguration in May in college: partial resumption of reduced courses and numbers. “Small groups of a maximum of 10 students,” according to the ministry. It will be necessary to wait – at best – February 1 for the total resumption of face-to-face lesson. However, some universities, such as Toulouse 2, announced the maintenance of distance education in January.

Each university organizes its admissions to welcome students on site, in principle between 4 and 10 January. Then, “according to the development of the health situation”, the training can be resumed, the ministry specifies, “face to face for first-year students after the matriculation examination, within the limit of 50% of the room capacity. Teaching”.

There is a committee at the gate on Monday: The Minister of Higher Education and Research, Frédérique Vidal, first asked the university presidents to convene “students who have recently entered higher education, in a situation of great vulnerability”.

A targeted pedagogy, obtaining one can say, for the most fragile, the most precarious students, the ones most prone to drop out: it is still necessary to be able to identify them, especially when they enter the university ‘National Education has a harder time identifying them, unlike high schools or colleges that know students and their backgrounds well. In Saint-Etienne, a head of the university department explains, on condition of anonymity, that “the resumption of individualized face-to-face courses in favor of the most vulnerable target groups announced by the Minister is very difficult to implement. given the large student body and the limited funds that the university has available ”.

This academic year will be particularly observed due to the risk of epidemics. If a “physical return of students as soon as possible was urgent”, according to Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, “we must be extremely aware of what is happening”. “We are obviously very vigilant, especially after the information provided by British researchers about a greater contagion of the English variant among young people,” assures government spokesman Gabriel Attal.