REvil ransomware gang threatens to leak Apple products blueprints

The REvil ransomware gang has demanded a ransomware worth $50 million before 27th April, so they don’t leak the blueprints (stolen from Quanta) on REvil’s blog website in the dark web.


The ransomware gang wants Apple to pay a ransom by May 1st to prevent its stolen data from being leaked, and they’re also “negotiating the sale of vast quantities of sensitive drawings and gigabytes of personal data with several big brands,” according to the study.


Quanta, a well-known Apple supplier, suffered a ransomware attack by the REvil ransomware gang, which allegedly stole “a lot of sensitive data” from Quanta’s network.


The gang attempted to extort Apple only after Quanta Computer refused to negotiate with them or pay the ransom demanded.


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Quanta Computer is a Taiwan-based original design manufacturer (ODM) and an Apple Watch, Apple MacBook Air, and Apple MacBook Pro manufacturer.


This company is the world’s second-largest original design manufacturer of laptops, based on the number of units shipped.


Quanta must pay $50 million before April 27th, or $100 million after the countdown finishes, according to reports.


REvil has so far leaked over a dozen schematics and diagrams of MacBook components on its blog site in the dark web, but it’s unclear if any of them are new Apple products.


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If Quanta does not begin negotiating a ransom, the gang has threatened to publish “drawings of all Apple devices and all personal data of employees and customers with subsequent sale,” REvil’s operator said


The ransomware gang published the schematics on their blog website after the time limit had passed.


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REvil is a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operation that recruits affiliates to break into corporate networks, steal data that isn’t encrypted, and encrypt systems.