Russia Vs Ukraine War with Russia allegedly gaining control over the city

Ukraine soldiers are still putting up a brave front as the skirmish rages on in Ukraine. This time it is the city of Soledar with bombs raining on the city by Russian Troops. Russian troops have got control of the city, reputed for its salt mines as deemed by Russia. The city was enveloped in a blanket of fog with smog leaving apartment buildings with Ukraine raising alarm bells. Russian mercenary group Wagner’s head affirmed that the city of Soledor has been overpowered with Ukraine putting up a stiff fight.

This takeover of the city has prompted Russia to step up its momentum to gain the town of Pakmut and Ukraine’s large eastern Donabass region. Ukraine puts down the figure of 750 Russians as the death toll on this day. Wagner group reported that the Ukrainian soldiers were asked to denounce arms at this point giving time to surrender. Throughout his video address, Ukrainian president Zelensky was non-committal on the takeover of Soledor and was more adamant about beefing up the arsenal from the West. He also tweeted that Russia is still trying to take down Soledar quite unsuccessfully and suffered heavy casualties in the bargain.

In the second half of 2022, Russia was very expressive in capturing the town of Soledor at the time of going to war though its army was on constant withdrawal. Both sides have suffered heavy casualties since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 last year. Moscow reaffirms the capture of Solar as an important victory in its ongoing tryst with Ukraine to get full reign over Donetsk.

As the war continues in Ukraine with Ukraine a war-torn front, on this occasion, it is Russia again on the warpath. Missile attacks on battle-weary Ukraine result in the blackout in Kharkiv with four other cities under fire.