Saint-Martin-d’Estréaux. “With the health crisis, patients consult little”

Installed since November 2020 in the city of Saint-Martin d’Estreaux, Serban Porfireanu, a new doctor from Romania, makes his mark.

Can you introduce yourself?

“I have been consulting as a general practitioner since 1993, I have also worked as an ambulance driver and pharmacist. “

Are you well installed?

“I am not yet fully operational with computers, and I still have to fill out the care sheets by hand. The municipality has helped me financially for the purchase of small equipment worth 5000 euros and free rent. For six months. The administrative codes for medicine in France is very different from my country, but medical practice is the same. “

How is it going since your installation?

“It is true that patients consult little due to the health crisis. They do not know me, they are more suspicious, which is perfectly normal. Despite this, I was very well received by pharmacist Flavien Giordano as well as by doctor Mihu. I love the countryside and I like this village. “

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