Severe Weather Condition Warnings Issued in the UK

Thunderstorms are hitting the UK and weather warnings are in place as a spell of hot weather draws to a close.

There is an anticipation of torrential downpours, resulting in travel disruption and some flooding, says the MET office.

Three days of alert have been issued for most of the areas, concluding on Wednesday.

Various parts of Devon and Cornwall have witnessed flooding, after stormy conditions brought heavy rain showers and hail to parts of the south-west.

Temperatures reached 34C in parts of the UK during the weekend and experts have remarked that a lengthy period of rain is required to end the drought declared in parts of England on Friday.

The areas include Devon and Cornwall, Kent and South London, east Anglia and the East Midlands.

Severe rain is unlikely to ease the drought since rainwater struggles to permeate dry ground, which means it will run off the dehydrated surface and result to flash flooding in some areas, says the MET office.

Much part of Scotland was hit by heavy rain on Sunday and into Monday.

A Tesco supermarket and Vue Cinema in Inverness have been shut down after their roofs collapsed following an intense downpour at inches retail Park.

The MET office also predicts rain to move across the country from the West throughout the Monday, with a much of Wales and England, other than the south-east of England, expected to see severe downpour.