Severe Weather Expected Throughout the Northeast This Week

Hot summer weather and a constant surge of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico have resulted in severe thunderstorms across much of the country. More of the same is anticipated for the midwest and northeast this week as a cold front moves east word. The maximum airport in the region runs the risk of witnessing delays in air travel because of the weather.

Since the beginning of this month, the northern plains have been the main focus of the severe weather, with the area witnessing serious weather every day. On Friday, hurricane-force winds were seen from powerful storms, with one gust securing 91 mph. In Big Sandy, Montana, wind gusts of 91 mph were recorded on Friday, directing the storm’s peak intensity. Throughout the weekend, the storms persisted, with winds in the Rapid City of South Dakota, reaching 75 mph.

Similar conditions are likely to exist into Monday night for the start of this week’s intense thunderstorm season. All the situations for thunderstorm development will be present as a surging dome of heat offers sweltering temperatures to the Southern planes and Southwest.

Storms are likely to develop across the threat area in the early afternoon and move southward and eastward throughout the evening and overnight. Residents of towns like Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Wichita, Kansas, will keep an eye on the most recent what isn’t warnings in case any storms are approaching.

Thunderstorms in the Chicago Metro area can cause problems for drivers and people flying into or out of the city during the evening rush hour.

Some residents in the Northeast are likely to be relieved by the rain that comes with the thunderstorms. According to the Drought Monitor, some areas have witnessed unusual dry conditions. Little streams have dried up and dry patches of grass have begun to appear on dry lawns. The threat posed by serious storms is likely to last for a small period. By Wednesday, the cold front will have left the east coast and by the middle of the week, dry weather is expected to be back.