Society. Are you depressed about Covid? “There is no shame, our psyche stays in circles”

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We live with ourselves every day. “He is our inner voice, our view of the world, our personal history where our fears, our sufferings, our joys and our hopes are mixed. However, we do not know much about this inner world that characterizes us and that acts. The background of our daily life, sometimes for the better, but also for the worse “, emphasizes Dr Philippe Presles, psychotherapist.

What am I?

Philippe Presles: “The ego is a psychic construction developed by the child, which allows him to access consciousness around 5-7 years. Works as software, and allows him to project himself into the future just as he does. Allows you to project yourself into in the past to build memories.It also allows you to project yourself into the minds of others: this is where lies, humor pops up … In adults, the ego gathers every the morning when we wake up let us get in touch with consciousness, it allows the construction of our inner world thanks to what we have lived, met, read, traveled, etc. This inner world allows us to develop our imagination, create, invent … For example, we are no longer happy to eat: we cook and it becomes an art. Our happiness depends a lot on the interpretation we make of the moment we live. “

How can “me” also become our worst enemy that leads us to spleen?

“These are the traps of consciousness. When we can project ourselves, we spend a lot of our time in the future and the past. This is where all our psychological discomfort is: anxiety, sadness … Projecting into the future is important, but when the projects “ours is not feasible in the short term, it can depress us. One of the best actions to protect against this is to refocus on the present: work, sports, read … the present, we no longer perceive his worries.”

Is it normal to have a spleen right now?

“Yes, there is no shame. When we set up completely empty days (staying home, surfing, zapping, etc.), our psyche goes around in circles, nothing works. Good mental hygiene is to move and to be involved in actions such as “Do us good. The brain needs physical or mental activity. Exchanging with the other is also fundamental to staying the course.”

Here are five tips to help you get depressed.

Recognize depression

Feeling sad, depressed, wanting nothing or having trouble sleeping does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from depression.

A depressive episode is considered major when all the signs last more than 15 days in a row.

Permanent fatigue in the absence of special effort and never weakened by rest, diminished movements and speech, constant sadness and a feeling of despair, inability to experience joy, a feeling of worthlessness or loneliness … are all symptoms that must alert the affected person or his entourage when they last.

Other elements that indicate depression when they accumulate and are registered over time: an intellectual decline, a decrease in attention, concentration and memory, negative thoughts, but also a breakdown sleep (insufficient or excessive amount), decreased appetite (ditto), decreased libido. ..

Right now we spend a lot of time with ourselves. Is it possible to make you better?

“In life we ​​have a library of roles. We are not the same in front of our mother, our partner, our banker, the baker … We use these roles according to the circumstances, they are programmed in us through use. The ability to create new roles “We must avoid being framed by routine in order to introduce behavioral variation, that is what can improve us.”

Photo DR

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