South Korea Announces to Build First ‘Floating Airport’

South Korea plans to construct the country’s first ‘floating airport’ in the Busan, the southern port city, by 2035, announced the Land Ministry on Tuesday.

Last year, the National Assembly approved a bill on a mega stage project worth 13.7 trillion to construct a new airport on Gadeok Island, the most oversized island in Busan, to manage the growing air traffic demand and enhance prosperity in the country’s southeast region. 

As per the detailed plan announced by the Ministry on Tuesday, the novel facility would be an offshore airport, which would be built on a floating structure at sea. 

It plans to map out a detailed construction plan following an ecological survey by this year.

Suppose the process is accomplished without any faults. In that case, the construction will likely begin by 2025, and the airport will be functional by June 2035.

According to a study, the airport would experience approximately 23.36 million passengers and 286,000 tonnes of cargo in 2065, the Ministry announced.

However, there have been various controversies around the project. Critics claim that the new facility is economically inappropriate and would impact the environment negatively.