Spirit Airlines Flight Catches Fire on Landing at Atlanta Airport

Passengers aboard a spirit airlines flight from Tampa to Atlanta Sunday morning are safe after the plane was caught with fire during the landing process, remarked airport officials.

The video shows flames and smoke rising from spirit airlines flight 383 after it landed at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

As per spirit airlines, a break overheated while landing at the airport around 9:25 AM resulting in a small fire. First responders were quickly able to extinguish the flames. The Aircraft was towed to gate D2 where airport officials said that passengers got off the craft safely and no one was injured.

Various videos have been floating on the internet that shows the aircraft flaming. One of the videos captured by a passenger aboard shows that the aircraft stopped on the tarmac with smoke coming from underneath it. The flame could be witnessed coming from the left rear wheel of the plane.

Another video shot by one of the passengers shows passengers seated and standing wondering what was happening. The attendants could be heard on the plane’s loudspeaker asking passengers not to evacuate and remain seated.

In a statement FOX 5, spirit airlines said that the plane would be temporarily removed from service for maintenance.