Spotify has released new playlists based on artist, genre, and decade

Spotify recently introduced personalized playlists based on three separate categories on Wednesday. Spotify Premium and free users will be able to access playlists based on artist mix, genre mix, and decade mix starting today.


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Spotify will create a variety of playlists based on the mix categories. These playlists will, of course, be tailored to the musicians, styles, and decades that you listen to often. The playlists will be updated on a regular basis, with new songs being added to the mix. “These mixes, built with you in mind, start with the songs you like and update with songs we think you’ll love, ultimately growing with you over time,” Spotify said in a release.

The new playlists were influenced by Spotify’s “Daily Mix” playlists, according to the company. Spotify creates a variety of personalized Daily Mix playlists based on your favorite songs and songs that are close to them. Daily Mix playlists, according to Spotify, are one of the most common and most listened-to offerings in the company’s catalog.


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The new playlists will be customized for each user based on their tastes and suggestions. However, playlists such as “2010s Mix,” “2000s Mix,” “Pop Mix,” “Latin Mix,” “90s Mix,” “Sam Smith Mix,” and others can be found.

The genre mixes will be shown in the first category, the artist mixes in the second, and the decade mixes in the third.


Spotify also provides a plethora of suggestions based on your listening habits, but if that isn’t enough, the latest playlists are available.