Spotify has updated its ‘Your Library’ feature with dynamic filters, pinned playlists, and podcasts

Spotify is constantly working on new and updated versions of the most popular parts of the app, such as the library and player interface, in order to add new functionality and improve the overall experience.


The company has now revealed that its library tab has been redesigned for phones, adding essential new features such as pinned content, dynamic filters, and a grid view.


The streaming service announced in a blog post that a new edition of ‘Your Library’ is now available to all Spotify users on iOS and Android, making it easier to organize their library and find saved podcasts and songs.


Let’s take a look at all of the new features that will be included in the mobile apps in the coming days.


Users who have a wide collection of tracks over time will be able to use Spotify’s new Dynamic Filters function to narrow down their searches to a song, artist, playlist, or podcast – Spotify Premium users can also use a “Downloaded” filter to scan all the tracks they have saved and downloaded in one go.


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There are also new sorting options, which allow you to display tracks in the library in alphabetical order, by creator name, or by most recently played.


Another useful function in the mobile apps is the ability to “pin” chats to the top of your library for quick access.


Spotify normally shows users what they’ve been listening to lately, but according to Spotify, you can pin up to four playlists, songs, or podcasts at once.


Users can tap the ‘Pin’ choice by swiping right on any item in their library. According to Spotify’s blog, all of these features will be available to users within the next week.