Storms And Torrential Rains Come Beating Down In Canada With All Holiday Plans Going Awry

Canada is taking a beating due to snowy chills and severe winter storms coming down on the city. Winter chills have taken over Canada, ravaging the city and putting on hold for travel plans 2 days before Christmas. Eternal roadblocks, flights in disarray, and power shortages have temporarily brought the city to a halt crippling Ontario.  

Most parts of the country were ravaged by the storm, ripping the city on a busy holiday season. Torrential wind gales were observed in the city with collisions taking the turn for the worse. 100 vehicles were ripped apart in crashes on Highway 401 west of London. Highways west of London were amid more than 50 crashes. Power shut-downs were common with 35, 000 customers falling victim to the power collapse.

In Ontario, life was limping with power shortfall in 56000 homes going without power and hit hard by winds and heavy snow coming off Lake Erie.

The winter travel put off countless fliers as they embarked on their holiday vacation. More than 38% of flights were grounded from Toronto airport. Rain gave vent to snow in the icy chill of the city with stranded passengers braving the stormy weather