Swear. Elected officials from Franc-Comtois are asking to accelerate vaccinations in their region

In a press release, Franche-Comté representatives take note of the curfew decision from 6 pm, but say they regret that “this decision was not completed by the logical and simultaneous commitment of a generalized vaccination campaign. In the 15 wards concerned”.

In response to the “choices made at national level and which lead to a vaccination rate that is not suitable for the crisis situation in the most affected areas, we ask the government to declare our departments as priorities without delay”.

“It’s urgent”

The elected representatives say they are ready, in partnership with the state and the cities, to “distribute the necessary funds for the rapid establishment of a comprehensive vaccination system”.

And to end this press release: “There is an urgent need to increase the pace in collaboration with our local health professionals and as a priority in the most affected areas!”