Swear. Vaccination for people over the age of 75 is launched in Jura

This Monday, January 18, the anti-Covid-19 vaccine campaign for people over the age of 75 started in the ward.

Five centers are now in operation: Dole, Lons-le-Saunier, Saint-Claude, Poligny and Champagnole.

Others will open in the next few days.

In Dole, the Commanderie was transformed into a vaccinodrome on Monday morning. After approximately twenty minutes of waiting time, the patients who had agreed on an appointment could be vaccinated.

It was a collapse of thermometers that delayed the opening of the site, according to the ARS department delegate, Didier-Pier Florentin.

Overwhelmed call center

The goal in Dole and Lons-le-Saunier is to vaccinate 240 people per day. Around 4,000 patients should be cared for this week across the ward.

The department and community centers, established in Dole and Lons, were overwhelmed this Friday, January 15th.

The Commanderie website has been reserved for more than a week.

“We are almost 96% willing to be vaccinated in Jura,” notes Didier-Pier Florentin.

Volunteers can continue to make an appointment at doctolib.fr