Swear. Vaccination of caregivers has started at Lons-le-Saunier Hospital

4,875 doses of vaccine arrived at Lons-le-Saunier Hospital on Tuesday evening, 5 January. In the only business in Jura that has a refrigerator that keeps the vaccine at minus 80 °, the vaccination of caregivers began this Thursday morning.

Doctor Pascale Couzon, president of the Institutional Medicine Commission, is the very first to receive the vaccination dose. “It’s important to lead by example,” she explains. We must protect ourselves in order to continue treating patients. Vaccination is a civic act. This is what will allow us to win the battle against this global pandemic. “

By his side, Dr. Marie-Colette Vuillemey represents urban medicine, and Dr. Annabelle Caron, firefighters. “We are all united,” comments the latter, “because the stakes are high. There will be no thirty-six solutions to get out of this crisis. “

In the process, firefighters, doctors, surgeons, nurses and other nursing staff introduced themselves to the dedicated unit.