Telegram is planning to add video calling to its Voice Chat feature

Telegram’s developers have been busy in recent weeks, with many new features such as payments and scheduled voice chats released recently, and more on the way, the company seems to be working hard to add new features.


Telegram’s founder has confirmed that video support will be added to the app’s Voice Chats feature.


Telegram’s founder announced on Telegram that the Voice Chat feature would soon be enhanced with the integration of video chats, obviously in an effort to compete with famous players like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.


What’s more, Durov claims that the feature will be added on top of the Voice Chats feature, which means that once the feature is released, users will be able to simply start their video on a voice chat.



However, once the features are available, Telegram will have to reconsider the name Voice Chats.


Since the video features, according to Durov, would allow for group video calls as well as screen sharing.


Noise cancellation, better encryption, laptop and tablet support – the creator even goes so far as to call it a modern video conferencing tool – are all likely to arrive.


Telegram has added support for two new mobile applications, one of which is supposed to replace the old and obsolete web client, according to Hindustan Times.


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This video calling feature, according to Durov, could also be added to the company’s web app.


Telegram users prefer to use the service on both their computers and their mobile devices, which could enable businesses to start using it for collaboration.