The call center does not stop calling

Briefly summarized

A small settlement

“The circulation of the virus is still high,” explains the prefect, with an incidence of 320 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (this was 356 on 6 January). We have seen a slight decline in a week, which means that we can find the level before the holidays (around 300 cases on 18 December) ”. And to add: “But we are still one of the departments in France that is most affected. »272 people are still hospitalized (279 January 8) and 13 people are in intensive care (compared to 7 a week ago). “Hospital admissions had risen to 370”, the prefect specifies.

The curfew is respected

Since 2 January, 43 reports have been prepared in the police zone and 129 in the gendarmerie zone. The curfew is generally respected. It is important to continue, the incidence and hospitalizations have fallen, although the level is still high. ”

Watch out for galette des rois

The tracking carried out by the Primary Health Insurance Fund shows that it is during these festive moments, in the family, between friends or between neighbors, that pollution takes place. “Barrier movements remain the rule”, the prefect insists, “included in a context of vaccination”.

Two closed classes

“We observe more issues related to the school context than before the holidays,” continues David Philot. “Especially in secondary schools: in Lons, Les Rousses, Tavaux, Champagnole, Saint-Claude … Two classes were closed and a large number of students had to be isolated. The enhanced health protocol seems welcome to me, especially when it comes to testing. “

No variant discovered in Jura

“In hospital admissions, we find young people under the age of 40 for a few days, who did not present any special pathology,” notes Didier-Pier Florentin. But there is no connection with the variants (NDLR, English, Brazilian or South African). These people develop severe forms of gastroenteritis. “