The Clubhouse app now has a new Music Mode

Music Mode will be accessible on iOS first, but Clubhouse promises that Android will be available soon after.

Clubhouse, an audio social networking app, is introducing a new Music Mode that could improve the app’s ability to play and listen to live music.


The new Music Mode “optimizes Clubhouse to broadcast your music with high quality and great stereo sound,” according to The Verge.


Clubhouse doesn’t define “high quality,” but it does indicate that you may now connect professional equipment, such as a USB mic or mixing board, to your broadcast and use it.


In late August, Clubhouse added spatial audio, which makes talks sound more like they’re taking place in a room full of people rather than a flat audio call. By pressing the three dots in the top right corner of a room, selecting Audio Quality, and then Music, you may quickly activate Music Mode. You won’t have to do all of this if you just want to listen to the performance; simply sit back and enjoy stereo audio from your headphones, speakers, or your phone itself.


Clubhouse also stated that its newly released Clips function — which allows you to record a 30-second clip — will support stereo sound as well, so if you choose to save a sample of performance in Music Mode, the audio quality will not be affected.


Music Mode will be accessible on iOS first, but Clubhouse promises that Android will be available soon after.


Clubhouse has improved its search feature in addition to Music Mode. The search bar will now be displayed at the top of your hallway, which is more convenient. You’ll also be able to Wave to pals directly from the search bar, which is a function that allows you to instantly invite friends to a live audio room.



Clubhouse doesn’t have to compete with Amazon for live audio. When Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Spotify launched their own audio-only chatroom this year, Clubhouse apparently learned its lesson.


All of this happened when Clubhouse was still an invite-only app, making it difficult for it to grow. Clubhouse, on the other hand, wants to maintain as many benefits as possible now that the app is thriving.



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