the first injections took place this morning at the vaccination center

“Is it over yet?” Marie, 83, who arrived from Saint-Georges-Haute-Ville on Saturday morning, was surprised to receive her first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine injected at the Montbrison Vaccination Center, which opened the same morning.

These are 50 people who have to change all day, supported by a doctor and a nurse.

An appointment every ten minutes

A new appointment comes every ten minutes. After an identity check and a temperature measurement, he is received by a doctor who is responsible for consulting the questionnaire, previously completed or filling it out with the person if it has not already been done.

After some questions, the patient is taken care of by a nurse to get the vaccine injected. Another fifteen minutes of waiting in safety, then people are free to leave, card and vaccination certificate in hand, before a new appointment in four weeks.

Already more than 1000 agreements made

In front of the entrance to the Orangerie room, some curious people come without an appointment for information. Some people seek to get a deal because they do not. Impossible, they are answered.

“Hold on, you’ll end up having someone on the phone,” one indicates to the front desk outside. With regard to the Doctolib platform, there are still many errors, and most agreements were made by telephone.

More than 1,000 agreements have already been made, and there is hardly any room left for this first phase of vaccination, which will last until 13 January.

More information in our Sunday 24 January issue.