‘The Game is Over’: AI breakthrough Puts DeepMind on the verge of Achieving Human-Level AI

DeepMind, a British entity owned by Google, announced that it may be on the verge of achieving human-level artificial intelligence (AI).

A research scientist at DeepMind and Machine Learning Professor at Oxford University, Nando De Freitas, remarked “the game is over” concerning tackling the most complex challenges in achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI).

AGI is a program or machine that can understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can, without any training.

As per De Freitas, the exploration for scientists is boosting the AI programs with more data and computing power to build an AGI.

This week, DeepMind revealed a new AI ‘agent’ known as Gato that can accomplish 604 different tasks ‘across a wide range of environments.’

Gato applied a single neutral network, a computing system with interdependent nodes that functions like nerve cells in the human brain. 

It can chat, stack blocks, caption photos with an accurate bot arm, and play the 1980s video game console Atari, says DeepMind. 

De Freitas tweeted: ‘It’s all about scale now! The Game is Over! It’s about making these models bigger, safer, compute efficient, faster…’ 

He also admitted that humans are yet too far from achieving that perfection where AI can pass the Turing test- a test of a machine’s capability to record intelligent behavior equal to or non-distinguishable from that of a human.

After the announcement of Gato, the Next Web article said that it shows AGI is no more than virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, which are on the platform already, and in people’s homes. 

Gato has been built to secure a variety of tasks; however, this ability may compromise the quality of each lesson, say the other commentators.