the government is still considering recreating, Castex consults

06:41: Number of deaths due to Covid higher than announced in Mexico

In fact, coronavirus mortality through Mexico in August 2020 was 68% higher than previously reported, according to data released Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics (Inegi). This Latin American country recorded 108,658 deaths due to Covid-19 between March, the date of the first case and August 2020, according to Inegi.

6:38: Regeneron treatment is still effective against variants

Regeneron’s treatment of synthetic antibodies is still effective against the British and South African varieties, the American biotechnology company announced on Wednesday. The antibody cocktail, which had been used to treat former President Donald Trump, has been approved by the US Drug Administration since the end of November, for people who have developed mild or moderate symptoms of Covid-19 and are at high risk of developing a severe form. for the disease.

06:25: Washington demands a “thorough” investigation into the origin of the pandemic

The United States called for a “clear and thorough” investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, which continues to worsen worldwide. The ten international investigators from the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in Wuhan, China in mid-January. After a period of quarantine, they must begin the investigation this Thursday in the first city in the world to be jailed on January 23, 2020. This visit is extremely sensitive for the Chinese regime, eager to avoid any responsibility in the epidemic that has killed more than 2.1 million worldwide

06:21: Jean Castex consults

The Prime Minister will hold a series of consultations this Thursday and Friday: Presidents of groups from the Senate, the National Assembly, representatives of associations of elected representatives and social partners will be heard by video conferencing.

6:19: Executive leader postpones reshuffle

The government still gives itself some time for reflection before they can possibly turn on the screw in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, but on Wednesday at the end of the Defense Council, and notes that the curfew at 18.00 does not. “adequately stop” the spread of the virus.

6:17: A record for the number of deaths in 24 hours in the world

The pandemic is becoming increasingly deadly worldwide, with a new daily record of more than 18,000 deaths and variants, much more contagious, which continues to spread, forcing more and more countries to close their borders.

06:10: Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to the development of the coronavirus epidemic in France and around the world.