the incidence is still over 200 / 100,000

While new measures must be announced by Jean Castex on Thursday, the incidence is still high this 12 January at 220.6 / 100,000 in the Rhône and 213.4 / 100,000 in Metropolis for the sliding week from 4 to 9 January, while the degree of positivity is at 7.5%.

Due to a large number of returns (68 in 24 hours) and deaths (12), the number of hospital patients continues to decline. It amounted to 928 patients on Tuesday (-21) despite 63 new admissions, but 128 patients (-3) are still admitted to the intensive care unit, including 12 new patients. Since March 1, 1,975 patients have died in hospitals and 9,303 have returned home.

Disc balance at HCL

At Hospices Civils de Lyon, the total number of hospitalized patients also continues with a downward trend of 299 patients on 12 January at noon (-19) thanks to the reduction in the number of patients admitted to medicine (163 or 17 fewer in one week). Because the number of patients increases in the follow-up and rehabilitation care (+5 or 71 on 12 January) and remains the same – 65 patients – in the intensive care units where the discharges balance the entries for several days. .

95% occupancy

The number of beds opened in intensive care thus remains unchanged (180 against 139 in the beginning and 277 at the top of the 2nd wave), but while the total occupancy rate increased after the Christmas holidays (95% against 84.4% on 5 January), the occupancy of Covid decreased + patients (38% compared to 42.8% on 5 January).

Prehospital indicators continued to decline during the first week of the year, with 6.3% of Samu’s calls to Covid-19 compared to 6.6% in W53 and 9.59% of visits to adult emergencies compared to 14.76% in W53.