the list of 18 vaccination centers in the Rhône

The vaccination campaign is accelerating. While the Gerland Center opened its doors on Thursday, other centers are about to open in the Rhône.

A total of 18 from Monday, they will cover the entire territory and respond to the moment of urgency: Vaccinate people over the age of 75 who do not live in nursing homes.

Which centers are already open

Édouard Herriot Hospital (Lyon 3rd) and those from Croix-Rousse (Lyon 4th), Lyon Sud Hospital (Pierre-Bénite), Northwest Hospital in Tarare and Northwest Hospital in Villefranche (Gleizé) have already opened their doors .

On Monday, the CDHS Prevention Center in Vénissieux, the hospitals in Neuville-sur-Saône, Beaujeu and Givors, the Belleville Hospital Center and the Lucien Thimmonier room in l’Arbresle will join the ranks.

Finally, no less than 18 structures will be operational in the department.

Where and when ?

– Gleizé: Nord-Ouest Villefranche hospital, open. Lyon 3rd: Édouard Herriot Hospital, open. Lyon 4 .: Croix-Rousse Hospital, open. Lyon 7e: Gerland Sports Center, open. Pierre-Bénite: Lyon-Sud Hospital, open. Tarare: North West Hospital, open.

– L’Arbresle: Salle Lucien-Thimonnier, from Monday 18 January. Neuville-sur-Saône: Neuville Hospital, from Monday, January 18th. Vénissieux: CDHS Health and Prevention Center, from Monday 18 January.

– Villeurbanne: International vaccination center, from Tuesday 19 January.

– Beaujeu: Beaujeu Hospital, from Thursday 21 January. Belleville: Belleville Hospital Center, from Thursday, January 21st. Givors: Givors Hospital from Thursday 21 January.

– Thizy: Thizy Hospital, from Friday 22nd. January.

– Bron: common room, from Monday 25 January. Genas: Maison du Rhône, from Monday 25 January. Rillieux-la-Pape: common room, from Monday 25 January. Saint-Priest: common room, from Monday 25 January.

Who is prioritized?

Elderly people in companies (nursing homes, long-term care units), employees who work in these structures over 50 years or have co-morbid factors, health professionals and home helpers over 50 years and / or have co-morbid factors, people with disabilities housed in companies and employees who working there 50 years and older and / or suffering from comorbidities, people from 75 years and up.

It is necessary to make an appointment before you go to a vaccination center. This agreement can be made online [Doctolib, Keldoc ou Maiia]For the four centers managed by Hospices Civils de Lyon, it is possible to make an appointment via the HCL website (You must then click on the link corresponding to each center: Palais des sports de Gerland, Edouard-Herriot Hospital, Lyon Sud Hospital and Croix-Rousse Hospital, but no appointment is currently available at this center).