The Montbrison gendarmes about surveillance in the shops

This Saturday afternoon, the shops in downtown Montbrison were crowded.

Following the announcements by Prime Minister Jean Castex specifying new measures in the fight against Covid-19, it was to be expected. And it is for this reason that the soldiers from Montbrison wanted to visit the merchants in Rue Tupinerie. A few days after checking in non-grocery stores in the Granges area.

“Our desire is to raise awareness that we must continue to be vigilant, and we check that all recommendations are applied,” explains client Jocelyne Barbière.

Respect for the meter, hydroalcohol gel, direction of circulation, display of health instructions, nothing escapes the supervision of the trio.

“A lot of pedagogy”

“We also teach a lot,” says the adjutant. The feedback from professionals is positive, as for this manager of a ready-to-use store: “We take all precautions. But it is not always easy. Especially when we ask customers to use the mask correctly. “

A little further, in a menswear store, the instructions are well respected. A young woman is even particularly concerned with counting the entries.

A formal notice can lead to an administrative closure in seven days

However, a store catches the military’s eye. A significant number of customers are in. The adjutant concludes: “Measures can be implemented if the health instructions are not complied with. “

If no action is taken after an initial warning from the police, the gendarmes can issue a formal notice which will lead to an administrative closure of seven days.