the plateau remains high in the Rhône

Hospital indicators for the Covid-19 epidemic are catching up and returning home daily at the beginning of the week. In the last 48 hours, 93 patients have returned home while 38 deaths were registered, leading to 9,025 hospitalized patients returning home and 1,911 patients having died in hospital since the epidemic began. . As a result of this catch-up, the number of hospitalized patients decreases, and falls below the 1000s on Tuesday 5 January, while the number of new patients is still around fifty per day, including ten hospitalized in intensive care. On 5 January, 992 Covid + patients were hospitalized in the Rhône, including 126 in intensive care.

Covid + patients still occupy 42.8% of the intensive care beds

At Hospices Civils de Lyon, 318 patients were still admitted at noon (-18 in one week), including 180 in medicine (-11), 65 in intensive care (-3) and 73 in follow-up and rehabilitation (-3). The plateau is still high with 180 intensive care beds still open, ie 4 fewer in eight days and 45 more than normal. Covid + patients still occupy 42.8% of the intensive care units, and surgical activity has still only been able to resume at 70% of normal. On the “good news side”, however, Professor Olivier Claris, president of the Institutional Medicine Commission, notes that Covid activity is not resumed on the side of SAMU and emergencies. It even continues to fall by 14.76% of visits to adult emergency rooms during week 53 against 15.9% in W52 and 6.6% of calls to SAMU against 7.3% in W52.