The privacy settings for WhatsApp’s About section was spotted

WhatsApp Privacy Settings update: users will soon be able to hide their profile’s About section from certain contacts. Over the last few months, WhatsApp has been working on various new features, including improved multi-device support, encrypted chat backups on the cloud, bespoke privacy settings, and much more. The encrypted messaging service is currently working on introducing the option to hide a user’s About section of their profile from specific contacts.


Previous leaks from beta versions of the software showed a hidden setting for ‘My contacts except…’ for Profile Photos on the app, allowing users to hide their Profile Photo on the app for certain contacts. This functionality was discovered following a leak that revealed WhatsApp was developing a feature that would allow users to hide their “Last Seen” from specified WhatsApp contacts. WABetaInfo, a feature leaker, has discovered a third menu item that allows users to hide their About section from certain contacts.


According to a screenshot of the setting revealed by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users will be able to select a new option called ‘My contacts except…’ in addition to the existing options of ‘Nobody, Everyone, and My contacts.’ People will be able to hide certain sections from specific users in the future, but they will not be able to see those users’ sections, as the leaker previously stated. When a user hides their Last Seen from another user, that user’s Last Seen is also hidden from them.


WhatsApp Privacy Settings update: users will soon be able to hide their profile's About section from certain contacts.
Source: Wabetainfo


While there is no indication on when the new feature will be available, users can verify they get all of these settings first by downloading the beta version of the program from a reputable source such as APKMirror. The beta programs for Android and iOS are now full, which means that consumers will be unable to register until more slots become available. Given that these hidden settings have already been discovered, it will only be a matter of time until they are released publicly.


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