the threat hangs over the Loire, Rhône, Haute-Loire and Ain

Expected since this year’s celebration, the increase in Covid-19 pollution seems to have started. It should be followed closely in the next few days, especially to know the real effect of the New Year on our departments.

We take an overview of the most important epidemiological indicators.

Hospital admissions still too many

The number of hospital admissions for Covid-19 appears to be stabilizing at a high level, in Ain and Rhône. On the other hand, it is experiencing a rebound that we hope will be short in the Loire. And it seems to be increasing sharply in the Haute-Loire, where around forty patients with Covid-19 were hospitalized in one week.

In Jura, one of the most affected departments in France, the latest data are also not encouraging. The peak of hospital admissions, reached on January 4, seems to be behind us, but the number of people hospitalized for Covid-19 is still high.

Enough to strongly request hospital services, already under load.

Carefully scrutinized by scientists preparing to face a third wave, the prevalence (number of positive Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants) shows significant viral circulation of Covid-19 in our territory.

Advanced curfew: are Haute-Loire, Loire, Ain and Rhône on the list?

At the moment, only Jura is subject to an advanced curfew among our departments. A measure that was considered necessary, especially in view of the incidence that began to increase again from the second half of December.

But the data revealed on Monday, January 11, changed the situation. Now, if they do not correspond to the still very high incidence of Jura, those from the Rhône, Loire, Haute-Loire and Ain have now exceeded the threshold of 200 positive Covid cases for 100,000 inhabitants. Threshold as entry into force of the curfew from kl. 18 is assessed from.

According to the Regional Health Agency, the Haute-Loire is the department with the highest incidence in the region: + 35% in one week.

Covid-19 continues to mourn our departments, especially the Rhône, which has been complaining about forty weekly deaths for three weeks.

In the Loire and Jura last week seems to have been less fatal than last week since there are 11 deaths in each of these wards compared to 37 and 26 the week before respectively.

On the other hand, in Ain, the number of people who have died from Covid-19 has doubled.

Could these latest data predict the start of the dreaded third wave in France? To find out, we’ll have to wait a few more days. The figures revealed at the beginning of the week are often distorted by the weekend.

One thing is for sure, however: in our departments, as in France, there is already a “holiday season” effect.