The vaccination center opens on Tuesday in Place de la Paix

The city of Vénissieux will participate in the vaccination campaign for people over 75 living at home. “The first goal of vaccination is to reduce the number of serious forms of COVID. This vaccination campaign is primarily aimed at people who are more vulnerable to the disease due to age, comorbidity or increased risk of contamination ”.

In Vénissieux, the vaccination center will be open on the premises of the Departmental Social Hygiene Committee (CDHS), 5 place de la Paix, from Tuesday 19 January. “Vénissiere over the age of 75 who live at home will only be welcomed by appointment from health professionals from CDHS, as well as those mobilized to support the Vénissieux Territorial Professional Health Community (CPTS), from Monday to Saturday, from 20:00 to 20:00” specifies the city Reservations have started and must be made via the website, which allows the location of each vaccination center for an online appointment.

Venetians can also make an appointment by phone on 04 72 21 45 67, Monday to Friday from 8 to 17, from Monday 18 January.