The Windows 10X update has been postponed, will arrive later this year: Report

Microsoft’s biggest upgrade to its desktop operating system, Windows 10X, was reported to be arriving as early as the first quarter of 2021, but rumors now say it may be postponed until the second half of this year.


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According to a report by Windows Central, the Redmond-based company has held back the release of the much-anticipated new software to ensure that it is “ready and robust for a smooth release,” implying that there might be a few jitters that are making the software giant anxious.


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Hindustan Times mentioned that none of these rumors have been verified by Microsoft, and there isn’t much official information about Windows 10X, the report mentions internal Microsoft sources, and it appears that the upcoming operating system has yet to receive the expected “shipping build” status, which may happen in the coming months.


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Only UWP apps will be enabled to be installed from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10X, which is expected to significantly change the way the desktop is used. Users can also install Progressive Web Apps, according to reports. A redesigned Start Menu and system apps will be integrated in the operating system.


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It was recently confirmed by Hindustan Times Microsoft will be working on adding support for older “Win32” apps, also known as legacy apps.


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As of today, it appears that Windows 10X will only run UWP applications, which could be frustrating for users since they are restricted to the store. However, the reason UWP and Store apps are better than current apps is because they are properly ‘sandboxed’ from each other, ensuring privacy and protection.