this is not the British variant

Two “risk clusters” of the British variant of coronavirus, which are more transmissible and which concern the international community, have been discovered in France, Brittany and Ile-de-France, the Ministry of Health said on Thursday.

The first “risk cluster” of pollution of the British variant was discovered in an establishment for the elderly near Rennes, the Pôle Gériatrique Rennais de Chantepie.

“In total, 7 residents and 2 professionals have a variant of the virus,” the ministry said, according to “the final results are expected by the beginning of next week”.
These investigations were initiated “after a positive result in the Covid-19 test by a professional” from this establishment “who presents a variant of the virus”.

But this Friday morning, the Regional Health Agency specifies that the results of the sequencing formally indicate that this strain does not correspond to the British variant.

Another potential source of pollution has been identified in Île-de-France, in Bagneux, from “a person working in two schools”.

Worrying: “No notion of travel or contact was found with a case raised during the epidemiological inquiry” in the UK.