Threat actor leaked a million stolen credit cards on dark web

Cyber Criminal has published 1 million stolen credit cards on several hacker forums between 2018 and 2019 in order to promote carding market.


Theft and use of stolen credit cards is known as carding. Point-of-sale malware, magecart attacks on websites, and information-stealing Trojans are all used to steal credit cards.


Other threat actors buy the stolen credit cards and use them to make online purchases or buy hard-to-trace prepaid gift cards on illegal carding marketplaces.


Last week, AllWorld Cards, a new illegal carding marketplace, posted on many hacking forums, offering one million credit cards for free.


According to the threat actor, a random selection of 98 cards revealed that around 27% of the cards were still active.


As per the research by D3Labs, an Italian cyber security firm, around 50% of the cards are still active.


According to cyber security firm Cyble, the credit card dump contains credit card numbers, expiry dates, CVVs, names, countries, states, cities, addresses, zip codes, and email/phone numbers for each credit card.


So far, Cyble has assessed 400,000 cards, and the top five banks are:


  • STATE BANK OF INDIA (44,654 cards)
  • JPMORGAN CHASE BANK N.A. (27,440 cards)
  • BBVA BANCOMER S.A. (21,624 cards)
  • THE TORONTO-DOMINION BANK (14,647 cards)
  • POSTE ITALIANE S.P.A. (BANCO POSTA) (14,066 cards)


To check the number of affected banks, go here.


Users can check if their cards were compromised once Cyble imported the data onto their AmIBreached service.


It is recommended that users extensively monitor their credit card statements to look for past and future fraudulent payments.


The black market for stolen credit cards is a multibillion-dollar illicit enterprise, involving cybercriminals accessing card data in a variety of ways.


Their primary strategies for obtaining credit-card data include point-of-sale card skimmers, targeted Magecart attacks on websites, and information-stealing Trojans.


The All World Cards site, which debuted in May 2021 and has an inventory of 2,634,615 credit cards, is a relative newbie to the carding market.


With 1,167,616 cards for sale, the United States is the country with the most.


The cards are priced from $0.30 and $14.40, with the majority of them falling between $3.00 and $5.00.


Many threat actors who downloaded the dump appreciated the promotion.


The site is sure to draw many more threat actors to their marketplace as a result of this one million free dump.


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