Traders hope to save the season

Masks, queues, curfews … Will the public participate in the sale which starts on Wednesday, despite the restrictions? The traders do not expect a miracle, but still hope to end this winter season evenly, shaken by the health crisis.

Do customers have time to enter their favorite stores before the curfew? In a context where the circulation of the virus is still important in France, the closing of the doors imposed everywhere at 6 pm since Saturday is “a minor evil”, as suggested by Francis Palombi.

For the president of the Confederation of Traders of France (independent traders), sales can even “be quite a rebound”.

The biggest fear was being limited

“The biggest fear was being restricted” while winter sales represent a “crucial period”, Yohann Petiot, director general of the Alliance for Trade, added at a news conference on Tuesday. This campaign period in particular accounted for 13.5% of clothing brand sales in 2019.

The winter sale “will be an extremely important meeting to be able to land” after a very trying year 2020 for traders, observed Céline Choain, specialist in the fashion and distribution sector in the company Kea & Partners.