Trump administration accused of willful wrongdoing; charged with felony

Former United States President Donald Trump has got himself in the bad books for alleged wrongdoing by his company. Charges against the Trump administration are a bogus scheme that it flouted, to compensate top executives to avoid payment of taxes. Going further, the Jury found the Trump organization guilty of all charges in a landmark verdict for tax fraud spanning 15 years. The fraudsters here are top executives of the company. It took the jurors just over a day to come to a verdict of guilty on 17 counts which spanned a conspiracy to defraud, a criminal tax fraud, and manipulating business records for wrongful gains. The company is in the red for over $ 1.6 million in fines slapped by the country’s legal framework.

Alleged criminal effrontery by Trump Organization:

The Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg viewed this as a criminal effrontery and echoed his sentiments, stating there was one standard of justice for all in Manhattan. He underscored this case as one of gluttony and cheating. Last year, the Manhattan DA office prosecutors had implicated the Trump administration and Allen Weisselberg, its longtime CTO, of criminal undoing after a long year of investigation. 

It further states that 2 divisions which are a part of the company viz Trump Corp and Trump Payroll Corp had overpaid their staff including Allen Weiselberg with infinite perks such as luxury cars and free apartments. This merely helped the executives from jumping the tax barriers, in collusion with the companies that allude to a long-running criminal felony.

New York Attorney General Lettia James files $250M lawsuit against Trump

Trump has expressed his disappointment over the prosecution charges and the verdict and will appeal against the charges. This, he said was witch-hunting of the greatest magnitude, in the history of the country. The sentencing is scheduled to take place on Jan 13, 2023.

Increasing his cup of woes, Trump has been allegedly sued by New York Attorney General Letitia James. On Wednesday, the district attorney filed a suit against Trump for a staggering $250 Million for cheating lenders. The suit alleges Trump of willful wrongdoing with repeated business frauds. The suit seeks a prohibition on Trump from leading any company in the state of New York. The suit also claims that Trump valued his Florida home at $739 million while in reality it is valued at $ 75 million, 1/10th of the valuation he was seeking, on baseless claims.

In retaliation, Trump has sued the AG Lettia James, to which she has urged the Federal Judge in Florida to squash the lawsuit framed against her by a frustrated Trump.