Twitter down for some users


Since late Friday evening, some Twitter users have been unable to access the platform, which has affected users all over the world. Late Friday evening, Downdetector, a site that tracks outages on various social media platforms, announced that nearly 40,000 people had reported problems with the microblogging platform.


In response to user concerns, Twitter stated at the time that it was working to resolve the issue. “Tweets may not be loading for some of you”, Twitter said, “We’re working on fixing a problem, and you’ll be back on the timeline soon”.


The problem, however, persisted the next day, with users from all over the world reporting problems with the app throughout the day. The problems peaked at around 6 p.m. today, according to Downdetector, with around 1,000 users alleging issues with the platform.


“We are investigating reported issues with PowerTrack connections. At this time, we recommend keeping active connections to PowerTrack continuing to reconnect to PowerTrack with normal reconnection logic. We will update here as we have new information”, the company wrote on its Twitter API Status page.


Currently, the majority of Twitter’s service is operational, with only four elements operating at reduced capacity.


The company also mentioned on its Twitter Support page that it is working to resolve server problems and that everything will be back to normal soon. “We know that parts of Twitter still aren’t working for some of you. We’re fixing an issue with our servers to get things back to normal soon. Thanks for sticking with us”, the company said.