Twitter exec talks about Google and Apple’s cut

Twitter’s head of consumer product, Kayvon Beykpour, has spoken in support of the commission fees levied by Apple and Google for iPhone and beyond apps, and said a great deal of work goes into building platforms and ecosystems.

Twitter is focusing on building a community for content creators. A new feature, ‘Super follow’ is to be included that will allow content creators to monetize their content, including bonus tweets and newsletters.

During the interview session with The Verge, Kayvon Beykpour, head of consumer product, shared his thoughts on the controversial app store tax.

Beykpour stated that the way Twitter saw it, Super Follows was a brand-new layer to its service, so that even if someone was making $10, and giving away $3 to Apple, they were still making $7 more than they were before from Twitter. Asked if Twitter could get around the rule he said “We’re not in the business of getting around platform rules,” before defending the platform commissions

He stated that the company had no intention of innovating around the payment flow. He added that Twitter wanted the creators to make money from the audience.

Furthermore, he explained, “We’d rather minimize as much effort as we can around the table stakes of facilitating payments so that we can spend our energy on innovating for creators and for super fans of the creators”.

Google and Apple have come under pressure from software developers and regulators on a variety of issues, including the contentious 30% tax.

Apple seems to have relaxed its stance on the in-app purchase cut. The company revealed in December last year that the App Store Small Business Program would deliver a reduced commission.