Twitter fixes the “MEMPHIS” bug

Twitter has corrected a bug that caused accounts to be suspended automatically when they tweeted the word “Memphis.” The social media platform also stated that accounts that were briefly affected by the bug.
“A number of accounts that Tweeted the word “Memphis” were temporarily limited due to a bug. It’s been fixed and the accounts have now been restored. We’re sorry this happened”, Twitter Support said in a tweet earlier today.

Several users later changed their names to “Memphis.” Some people got around the prohibition by changing the spelling. Some people, for example, wrote ‘Memphis’ instead of ‘Memphis.’ According to some users, the bug had no effect on verified handles. Some users were not allowed to access their account unless they deleted the tweet with the word ‘Memphis,’ according to Gizmodo.


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However, Twitter’s did not further explain why the accounts were immediately suspended for using the word “Memphis.”

The bug was discovered just days after Twitter announced that it was working on a new feature that would allow abusive accounts to be automatically blocked and muted. The feature will be enabled through a Safety Mode.


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When enabled, Twitter can automatically block accounts that appear to be breaking the Twitter Rules, and mute accounts that may be using slurs, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks. Twitter said it would identify accounts that were abusive or spammy automatically and restrict how they interacted with their posts.