U.S Citizens In A Welcome Decree To Sponsor Refugees In Country

U.S. citizens are in for a welcome change as the Country rolls out a program for giving refugees a home and much more. The U.S. government has decided to give settlement to thousands of refugees in a landmark decree. The state government dubbed the program Welcome Corps. Initiating with the first 10, 000 Americans initiated who can let 5000 refugees reclaim their lives albeit in a new setting, in the first year of the program.

The U.S. beams in being a country of a lot of goodwill and in increasing the country’s wide span in providing shelter to as many more refugees as per an announcement.

The state is rolling out a program with five Americans to form a group to help fill the role of refugees. This is as done before when the state colluded with non-profit groups which were not new to this role. They participated in rehabilitating the refugees by giving them a new home that they will learn to cope with in a new setting.

The groups under this new role would primarily help the refugees work for themselves and earn a living for themselves for the first 90 days of their stay in America.

The program to be run by a consortium of non-profits will oversee the resettling process for the refugees and certify them as private sponsors. The private sponsors will also be trained in this endeavor. The new program will be underway in two phases according to the state department. The first phase which is reinstating the private groups with the refugees already in the resettlement program will begin in the first half of 2023. The second stage would be to identifications of new refugees and earmark them on their arrival in the U.S.

 This program can be likened to another program in the U.S. that helped Ukrainians or Afghans fleeing their country in the cold war between Russia and Ukraine that took a heavy death toll. That program helped rehabilitate 800 people coming to America.

President Joe Biden pledged in a 2021 decree on rekindling faith in the U.S. to be a haven and called for the private sponsorship of the refugees.