Ukraine Invasion: China Urges Parties not to add “Fuel to the Fire.”

China’s foreign minister urged parties not to add “fuel to the fire” in the war in Ukraine. Instead, China urged other countries to pledge to promote peace talks and make efforts to keep the conflict from escalating further. 

The foreign minister, Wang Yi, created a plan to reduce the humanitarian crisis amidst the Russia-Ukraine war. While speaking at his annual news conference on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, Wang announced that China would soon offer help to the Russia-troubled country. 

“China is prepared to continue playing a constructive role in facilitating dialogue for peace and working alongside the international communications when needed to carry out necessary mediation,” Wang said.

Wang was answering why China had not yet acknowledged that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s action resulted in an invasion and if China’s denial to criticize Moscow could tarnish its reputation across the globe. 

Beijing has not abided by the West in imposing sanctions on Russia, countering that it aggravates the situation and affects the settlement process. Instead, the country’s foreign minister has urged negotiations to resolve the crisis and called on the West to take account of NATO’s expansion.

In response, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the world is watching to see which nations stand up for the principles of freedom and sovereignty in the face of Kremlin aggression.