vaccination for whom, where, when and how? Manual

In the coming months, all French people who want to be vaccinated will be able to do so (and recent polls indicate that they are less hostile).

Vaccination is currently reserved for certain categories of French (read below), and the campaign will be intensified from Monday. A total of 6.4 million people are thus asked to be vaccinated from this date 18 January.

Gradually. “By the end of January, we will have over a million people vaccinated, which was our original goal,” the prime minister assured.

Why it matters. Vaccination is the only way out of the unique health crisis “towards the end of the summer”, Jean Castex explained in his point on Thursday night. “Prioritizing the priorities to get out of this crisis is to use vaccination … But we must collectively show patience and responsibility because it is not for several months that vaccination will be able to protect us in such a way. Adequate. , “he said.

The coronavirus epidemic has already killed almost 70,000 people in our country, and every day we apologize for more than 15,000 infections.

Who are the priority people?

So far, more than 318,000 people have already been vaccinated.

On Monday, the vaccination opens for people over the age of 75 and those with high-risk pathologies.

In fact, in addition to the 75s (there are 5 million in France), almost 800,000 people “suffering from particularly serious diseases” will be able to receive the vaccine, especially people suffering from severe kidney failure, those who are transplanted. a body, people undergoing treatment for cancer or those with Trisomy 21, explained Health Minister Olivier Véran.

The list also includes some rare diseases, the ministry said.

These people need a prescription from their doctor in advance.

For those over 75 years of age, the health insurance will send a letter from 20 January to inform them that they can be vaccinated and specify the arrangements for making an agreement. These broadcasts will take several days and will apply “primarily 75 years and older to have comorbidities, so those without comorbidity”.

Vaccine: how to make an appointment


How do I find a center?

More than 700 vaccination centers will open in the territory on Monday.

– From this Friday morning at 8.00 you can call a number to make an appointment: this is 0 800 009 110.

This toll-free number will be available from 06:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week. “It will lead you to the platforms of the vaccination center closest to you”, details Olivier Véran. “If this number were overloaded, it would only be temporary,” he warned.

In addition, as of this Friday morning, those affected will be able to make an agreement via the page, which was unavailable this Thursday. “There were 8,000 connections per second on Thursday morning on the website, which has been strengthened,” the minister added.

They can also use one of the three private electronic platforms to make a deal: Doctolib, Keldoc or Maiia.

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