vaccination races and hunting for the English variant, a crucial week

06:32: The WHO team starts visiting China on Thursday

The World Health Organization (WHO) team of experts tasked with investigating the origin of coronavirus, expected in China last week, will finally begin its mission on Thursday.

This visit is extremely sensitive to Beijing, and is eager to avoid any responsibility for the epidemic that has killed more than 1.9 million people worldwide. Originally scheduled for last week, it was canceled at the last minute due to a lack of all necessary permits for the team.

06:26: Inclusion has been lifted in Brisbane

Containment was lifted in Brisbane, Australia’s third largest city, after a massive test campaign. More than two million people in Greater Brisbane had been detained for three days, following a government decision on Friday night, following the confirmation of the pollution of the staff of a hotel hosted by people who were quarantined by the British tribe. But no case has been discovered after tens of thousands of tests, and the authorities have lifted the lock.

6:23: The English variant in Russia and Mexico

Russian health authorities announced on Sunday that they had discovered a first case of this variant in a person returning from the UK. Ditto in Mexico, where the government of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas said they had discovered the first case of the British variant in a traveler who arrived on a flight from Mexico City.

The point this Monday morning

– France registered 15,944 new pollutants and 151 deaths in 24 hours on Sunday, much more than on Sunday 3 January (116), according to Public Health France. High numbers for a weekend, which reflects a strong epidemic improvement, as it has been for a month.

– The hospital tension is still high, with 24,526 covide patients in the hospital, including 2,620 in intensive care. Here, too, the figures are worse than the day before and show a slow but constant deterioration of the situation at the hospital.

– The positivity rate increases further to 6.5%, with a national incidence of 163.5 – a jump of five points from Saturday.

France now has one death from Covid-19 per thousand inhabitants, or 67,750 deaths.

– The curfew at 18, expanded to 23 departments, came into force on Sunday night. Two other departments will be there on Tuesday.

– Despite a situation that is getting worse day by day, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran assures him: a new reconstruction is not on the agenda.

– Other European countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom, are experiencing a much stronger acceleration of the epidemic, and are largely configuring. Vaccination campaigns have been launched, but will not have their immediate effect.

06:01: We should know this week where the British variant, more contagious, is circulating in France. This mutated version of the virus is forcing most European countries to toughen their health measures. But no re-containment is on the agenda in France, assures Olivier Véran. The situation in France is still complicated, but the epidemic is growing less rapidly there than in our European neighbors. Follow the development of the pandemic in France and in the world this Monday 11 January.

06:00: Hello everyone and welcome to this live video dedicated to the Covid-19 epidemic.