“We can not control everything”

Does the Covid-19 epidemic arouse fear?

“Yes, deep fear: to be polluted, to infect others, to see loved ones die, to die. This can generate stress, anxiety, anxiety. When we face fear, we react differently and depending on the context. It can freeze us, scare us away or force us to face the situation. It is the awakening of the survival instinct. “

How to meet this fear?

“Just by meeting them: looking at them, meeting them, letting them cross us and giving us information. It is the whole art of listening to oneself, of listening to the body and its message. This is what I use in consultation: focusing. It’s about stopping to listen to our feelings, in what they have to teach us about ourselves. “

The vaccine gives hope. Won’t there be disappointments?

“I want to say ‘Long live hope and confidence in better days’ is what makes us get up every morning. There is faith in life, in its great strength and great beauty. After that it would be good to distinguish between trust in life and to bet everything on someone or something.When all my expectations are based on one thing and the result is different, I can only be disappointed.But if I trust without expectations, I can see things as an option whether I choose or not. If this does not give the desired result, I am already ready and open to this possibility. My world does not collapse … It admits that we can not control everything and let go of it. It is actually about accepting the uncertainty of life. “

Do you have to be positive at the end of the day?

“It is rather an attitude to accept what is, a yes to life in what it has to offer. In this position, I thus feel ready to adjust my actions instead of going through life. I can not say to anyone who has lost a loved one in this pandemic: “You must be positive”. We are human beings and emotions do not have to be categorized as positive or negative. Our emotions are the movement of life and the proof that we are alive. The key word is to welcome. In the attitude of welcoming you and living that circulates in us, at the moment, fears and worries have no place. “



Nadia Halaïmia, a psychopractor with a person-centered approach and focus, has been based in Lons-le-Saunier since 2018.

“What makes me happy is our humanity,” she says. I looked around the man for a long time. »Together with BGE, a support network for business creation, she recently won a video competition.

The term “psychopractor” denotes a professional activity, which should be distinguished from the title “psychotherapist”.