Wharton School Will Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment Method

Cryptocurrency is no longer a foreign method of trade. Many people are trying to include cryptocurrency as an accepted means of transaction in business, ranging from business titans to national governments. In the not-so-well-known world of educational institutions, cryptocurrency has begun to thrive.


Many of these institutions have begun to accept digital assets as payment. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is a new addition to this list. It’s one of the best business schools in the country, and its new executive education programme will take cryptocurrencies as payment.

For its online blockchain and digital assets programme, the Ivy League university has decided to accept currency such as Bitcoins as a payment mechanism. The online course costs $3,800 and is offered by the Wharton School, which is set to launch in January. Every year, thousands of students are expected to enrol at the Philadelphia-based business school.

Wharton School has announced that it will accept digital-asset payments through Coinbase Global Inc. The largest bitcoin exchange in the United States is Coinbase Global Inc. In order to build the programme, the school is collaborating with Prysm Group.

A report in Bloomberg quoted Guido Molinari, the managing partner at Prysm Group, as saying, “It’s a program about blockchain and digital assets, we felt that we should talk the talk and walk the walk.”

Kevin Werbach will be the principal instructor for the executive education course. Since 2018, Werbach has been teaching the basics of blockchain and cryptography at the school.

Earlier this year, the University of Pennsylvania was in the news for yet another Bitcoin connection. An unknown donor gave the institution $5 million in digital assets in May. This was the university’s largest cryptocurrency gift ever.

Numerous alums of the Wharton School are currently supporting the crypto industry. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, graduated from the school in 1997 and has been a driving factor behind meme coins like Dogecoin’s price swings. He has also pushed Tesla and SpaceX to purchase Bitcoin for their corporate coffers. Arthur Hayes, an alumnus of the school, founded the BitMex exchange for Bitcoin exchanges.

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