WhatsApp experimenting with a 24-hour limit for disappearing messages

WhatsApp is now experimenting with a 24-hour time limit for disappearing messages. Last year, this feature was only available for a seven-day period.


This feature, as the names suggest, deletes chat messages automatically. Messages sent to the chat are currently automatically deleted after seven days.


It appears that WhatsApp will soon provide users with a new feature.


WhatsApp is currently testing this feature on Android and iOS beta versions. However, according to WABetaInfo, this test is not yet open to WhatsApp beta users.


It’s still in progress and should be available shortly. Under disappearing messages, a 24-hour time limit will appear as an option. Messages will be deleted after 24 hours if users choose it.


This feature, like the delete messages feature, has a prompt that messages have been removed from the chat.


When WhatsApp first introduced disappearing messages, it stated that the seven-day time limit was in place to ensure that users did not miss important messages.


However, it appears that WhatsApp will add a new timer option for this feature. Last month, WABetaInfo first posted on this, and WhatsApp has now begun testing the feature.


WhatsApp experimenting with a 24-hour limit for disappearing messages
Source: WABetaInfo


WhatsApp enables users to allow or disable disappearing messages in one-to-one chats. In group chats, however, only the admins have access to this feature.


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WhatsApp is also working on a patch that will allow group members to switch this feature on and off.


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The final decision, however, will be made by the group admin, who must first grant permission.


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There’s no news about when this feature will be available to all WhatsApp users. Since it is working on two fixes for disappearing messages, it is possible that both will be released at the same time.



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