WhatsApp is set to implement its new privacy policy on May 15

WhatsApp is set to implement its new privacy policy on May 15. The messenger app has started to send new in-app notifications to users reminding them to accept new terms of service and privacy policies. WhatsApp had been in the eye of the storm because of its new privacy policy, which was scheduled to take place on 8 February. But WhatsApp delayed the launch due to confusion and misconception about the same thing among users.


Many users have switched to other messaging apps, like Telegram and Signal, believing that WhatsApp will share their private conversations with Facebook.  But WhatsApp has made several clarifications saying that chats are end-to-end encrypted and that no one but only the receiver and sender has access to chats, not even WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned messaging app used a variety of ways to educate people about the new privacy policy.


Now, WhatsApp has again started sending reminders to users that it will accept a new privacy policy by 15 May to continue using the services. Several users shared with Twitter screenshots of the notifications they received from WhatsApp. “The Privacy Policy and Terms shall enter into force on 15 May. Please accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp after this date,” the notification reads.


WhatsApp specifically stated in the notification that it does not change the privacy of your personal conversations. The update would make it easier for businesses to chat with Facebook tools. The company says that chats with these companies are optional and labelled in the app. The messaging app also confirmed in a reminder that WhatsApp cannot read users’ private conversations because they are end-to-end encrypted. And they’d stay that way even after the new update has been rolled out.


However, before the official roll-out, WhatsApp wants to educate users and fight misinformation about its new policies. A new campaign has been launched to let people know what they mean when they say that the policies are going to change. “Today, we share updated plans on how to ask users of WhatsApp to review our terms of service and privacy policies. We’ve had a lot of misinformation about this update before, and we’re still working hard to clear up any confusion, “WhatsApp said in a blog post. WhatsApp used Statues earlier to let people know about the new privacy policy and what it means for users.