WhatsApp Privacy Policy update says users’ account won’t be deleted


Facebook-owned WhatsApp has confirmed that it will not deactivate the accounts of users who refuse to follow its revised privacy policy, which will be implemented on May 15, but it will continue to remind them to do so.


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WhatsApp clarified in a statement that no users’ accounts will be removed, or their features will be lost in the process of the update on May 15.


If users refuse to comply with the data-sharing agreement and opt not to have their WhatsApp account details shared with Facebook, Facebook, which owns the messaging service, has previously confirmed that they will make the accounts entirely unavailable.


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Though the new privacy policy will take effect in a few days, WhatsApp will not disable features for users that do not agree with the changes. Instead, it would use a “consistent reminder” to persuade users to approve the changes in exchange for “limited functionality.”


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Users will not be able to view their chat history, but they will be able to address incoming phone and video calls, according to WhatsApp. Those who have notifications enabled can tap on them to read or respond to a message or to call or video call back a missed call.


After a few weeks of restricted usage users who do not consent to the updated terms will be unable to receive incoming calls or updates, as well as messages to their devices.


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Users that are not connected to WhatsApp will have their accounts made inactive after 120 days, according to WhatsApp’s standard policy for deleting inactive accounts from its platform for privacy and security purposes.


The privacy policy, which was supposed to go into effect on February 8, was postponed until May 15 due to widespread outrage about the type of data that would be exchanged with Facebook.


WhatsApp has since clarified that the update does not mean that personal user chats or other profile information will be shared with Facebook, and that it is offering more clarity on how user data is acquired and shared while using the app to communicate with businesses.