Windows 10 ‘Sun Valley’ Update finally revamps its Windows 95-era icons

Microsoft is working on updating the icons from Windows 95 after a long time.


The company has been working on enhancing the icons on Windows 10, and this update is part of a “sweeping visual rejuvenation” that will be released later this year.


In March of this year, a range of new device icons were discovered, including new icons for the File Explorer, folders, Recycle Bin, disc drive, and so on.


The company is now working to update the majority of the Windows 95-era icons that can be found in Windows 10.


Microsoft is fully redesigning icons from the Windows 95 era (part of the Sun Valley Update), according to WindowsLatest, and the new icons will be more in line with the visual language of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Launcher.



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Source: Windows Latest (Preview builds (left) and production (right))



This change was noticed in the current Windows 10 preview build, where a new collection of modern icons for directories, options, and buttons were discovered within the Shell32.DLL main shell module.


Hibernation mode, the globe, networking, and floppy discs are among the symbols that will be replaced.


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The newest choices are supposed to be brighter, more modern, and more in line with the visual overhaul planned for the fall update.


There are still a few old icons that haven’t been updated, such as an old tree icon for WinDirStat in the preview version.


Before the Sun Valley update is ready to launch, Microsoft will most likely change this, as well as other icons in the OS.


The ‘Sun Valley’ UI redesign for Windows 10 is said to include new design elements for the File Explorer, Start Menu, and even Action Center.


These components will be updated to include improved animations, more modern styles, and possibly new features.


This forthcoming Windows 10 update is scheduled to be released during the 2021 holiday season.


Microsoft’s last major interface overhaul occurred five years ago with the announcement of the first Windows 10 update.


Since then, the organization has made a few tweaks, but no major changes have been made.




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