without income, she fights cancer

The story of Valeria Giuffrida is part of what moves us. This 40-year-old former nursing assistant has lived for a year and a half in the small village of Saint-Paul-de-Tartas, on the border of the Haute-Loire, Lozère and Ardèche.

Deprived of income due to covid

Used for seasonal jobs in the department, she was originally deprived of income due to covid, before she was completely stopped last summer, exposed to cervical cancer. “In the beginning, the tumor was small, so I had to wait until November to have the operation. Except that in the meantime it has developed to reach three centimeters. The cancer had even come out of the uterus, “she recalls.

For six months, Valeria Giuffrida has lived in slow motion: “I’m tired all the time, I can not stand for long or cook myself. I have been in pain since my surgery and walking hurts me, especially now with the snow. His request for home help was recently denied. Suddenly she trusts her friend to take her to the hospital and help her without her daily chores.

In uncertainty

Deprived of income finances the forty care thanks to Medicare, but has not received money since April last year: “I have launched my request for RSA (Income from active solidarity) for nine months still has nothing. I also submitted a request for temporary disability benefits, but my social worker told me that it took an average of six months. I do not understand why it is so long … I have taken care of it for several months. “

Valeria Giuffrida is very worried about the future: “My state of health completely prevents me from working. My medication relieves me, but I’m not sure when I’m getting better. So to help him, his friends started a pot on Facebook. The League against Cancer also donated 500 euros to him. Solidarity movements that restore balm to the heart of the Altiligérienne for whom the struggle is still long.