in Marboz, a room for workers forced to eat out

Like many mayors, Christelle Moiraud had observed in her town: “In December, we saw workers eating lunch on the steps of the church, in the cold, or in their truck, huddled together. It shocked us. Since 15 December, the state has allowed local communities to offer employees in construction companies multifunctional rooms for the lunch break. Marboz therefore took the step of opening a room independent of the town hall, which includes toilets and stoves, for workers and craftsmen. “It is those from the municipality or who work in a place with us, but also those who come from the neighboring municipalities. Because we’m lucky to have three restaurants offering take-away meals. ”

Access upon registration

The town hall has therefore equipped the room with tables spaced apart and staggered chairs to accommodate the volunteers, who must register on a registration book. The decision to open this room may have aroused some misunderstanding among restaurateurs. “It is true that it may seem incoherent to forbid restaurateurs to open and then offer a room, but we are adapting to the existing situation. And this room is a complement to the meal drawers offered by our restaurateurs. “

The room opens today Thursday. – There are no registered at the moment, but in January the construction industry is a bit on standby. We are pragmatic, we try the experiment and we will see. “