Tornado Warning for Wilkes Country

The National Weather Service in Blacksburg issued a Tornado warning for Southwestern County in Northwestern North Carolina, Eastern Wilkes County in Northwestern North Carolina, and Western Yadkin County in northwestern North Carolina. At 619 PM EDT, a serious thunderstorm that can produce a tornado was located near Moravian Falls, or near Wilkesboro, heading northeast at 30 mph.

Flying debris would be dangerous to those caught without shelter. Mobile homes are likely to be destroyed or damaged. Roofs, windows, and vehicles are likely to get damaged. And trees are expected to be damaged as well.

Locations on alert are as follows:

Windy Gap

Precautionary Actions:

Move towards the lowest floor of the basement of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. In case you are outdoors, in a vehicle, or in a mobile home, move to the closest shelter and seek protection against the flying debris.

Bikers should not take shelter under highway overpasses. If you fail to drive away from the tornado, as a last resort, park your vehicle and stay put, or leave your vehicle and lie down in a low-lying area and protect yourself from flying debris.